OpenRPG: Inventory


Welcome to the OpenRPG Inventory system documentation! This generic, modular and efficient inventory system will allow you to provide any actor you want with items container functionaly. You dont only get a typical player inventory, you can also have storages, sellers, lootable monsters and much more sharing the same system under the hood!

It has been designed to be flexible enough to suit all your customization requeriments (item effects, containers behaivors, etc) using component inheritance to always construct all your new functionality from a solid base and expand it as you like.

I will try my best to keep this documentation as well organized as possible, to help you understand every aspect of the system. First we will take a look at the project structure and how it is organized. Then we will talk about each system individually, showing you the necessary steps to set up each one successfully, how do they work and how to adapt it to the needs of your game. Finally, I will show you how to migrate the system correctly into you project and how to integrate it completely into your game, covering every needed aspect you need to know ;)


If you like it dont forget to leave a star on GitHub and also it would be a huge help if you give me all your feedback about errors you find or some features that you would like to be implemented!